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Promise & Gurantee
We are Factory Outlet via internet, we buy the products directly from the factory without any step between the two, and we have a large number of suppliers around the world. All products in our store have the best quality and the lowest price.
Protect your privacy
Our store is strongly committed to protecting your privacy and your personal inf while interacting with our content, products and services. We want to provide a safe and secure environment. All information provided by us are used exclusively by our site.
Priority of our members
After registering as our Member, you can get your own shopping cart on our site. You can buy items that you want with it. What more, you can get additional discount on orders being our Member long term! So just register as our Member now!
Secure payment
Ensure the security of your data is our priority. We protect your personal information by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. And your personal information will not be neither sold to or shared with any other person or third party.

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